Chinese Herbal Medicine

Because they are living organisms Herbs are concentrated food, their effect is very subtle and they work by assisting Nature and the body’s own healing abilities.”  Micki Iborra

Chinese Herbal Medicine is the oldest practiced medicine, dating back several thousand years.

Because herbal remedies work in harmony with the natural chemistry of our body to re-establish balance, side effects are generally very rare. Chinese Herbal Medicine is considered a very safe and effective way to promote health and wellness naturally. Many acupuncturists incorporate herbal medicine and acupuncture together for the best results.

The main difference between Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine lies in the approach towards illness. Western Medicine deals primarily with symptoms and chemical drugs to address illness or disease. The drawback lies in the side effects from chemically derived drugs that are not always compatible with the natural environment of the body. Additionally, by only focusing on symptomatology, often times the root cause of the problem is overlooked and health and balance are not restored.

The focus of Chinese Medicine is on the root cause of a particular imbalance and not just the symptoms presented. Finding the root cause involves a differential diagnosis to pinpoint organ, meridian, or yin/yang imbalances. The goal of herbal medicine is not to create dependency, but, to use herbs to gently help the body help itself to restore balance and well being.

For most acute problems, herbs are only used for a very short time before balance is restored, usually a couple of days or weeks. For more chronic problems and illnesses, herbs can be used safely and effectively for longer periods of time up to several months.

Herbal formulas are designed and formulated for an individual’s specific needs and then changed accordingly as health progresses. Dosages may be adjusted as health begins to re-balance and eventually the herbal formula is no longer needed, or may be used periodically to maintain balance or provide a “boost” when the body needs it.