Meet our newest additions

Ginger Abraham
Licensed Massage Therapist
Certified Reiki Master

Ginger AbrahamGinger Abraham is a Licensed Massage
Therapist and Certified Reiki Master.  She works with clients ranging from kids
to moms to elders, and has a specialty in Gentle Touch Massage.  Ginger is
qualified to work with even the most sensitive clients, including those dealing
with arthritis, fibromyalgia, and cancer.  With her unique combination of
massage for the physical body, energy work for the spiritual body, and
aromatherapy for integrating and balancing, she is able to offer clients a very
individualized and nurturing healing experience.

As an introductory gift to you, she is offering free 15 minute Reiki Sessions
(Energy Work) through January 31, 2010.

Reiki is done fully clothed and it is a healing
technique that is very calming and relaxing.  It is great for stress-reduction,
boosting immune support, improving sleep and promoting healing on all levels. 
During this mini-session you will get to know Ginger and have a better
understanding of what Energy Work is and how it can benefit you.  If you would
like to experience a Reiki treatment please book your session before or after
your next acupuncture appointment, or when it is most convenient for you.

Gift Certificates available for Massage and Reiki- buy 2 get one FREE through the month of January!

Please contact Ginger directly to inquire or to schedule an appointment at 480-276-9546

Dan Klausner
Licensed Massage Therapist

Dan KlausnerDan Klausner has been an Arizona licensed massage therapist since 1995. His focus is providing custom massage to meet the individual needs of each client. He offers an array of different modalities including:


Pressure points are used to correct imbalances, and to maintain and promote a
healthy body.

A traditional technique using light to medium pressure resulting in total body
Deep Tissue
The muscles are massaged using firm pressure with a focus on trigger points and
trouble areas. This technique is best for athletes and those who receive
massage consistently.

This technique was developed at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California.
The trademark long, flowing strokes inspired by the ocean waves guide this
massage, integrating a feeling of wholeness and connection.

A passive form of yoga in which the therapist uses his hands, knees, legs, and
feet to massage and move you into a series of stretches.

Certificates available.

Contact Dan directly to inquire or to schedule an appointment at 602- 369-6139 or email him at 

Ada Porat
Behavioral Kinesiology

Ada Porat

Ada Porat helps people move past all forms of limitation to access their innate
personal truth and power, reclaiming their highest expression of being.
The techniques used in her work incorporate best practices in
integrative body/mind/spirit protocols to reach beyond the surface and
to touch the inner core, resulting in profound shifts and lasting


A kinesiologist can help you identify and clear emotional, mental or
physical blockages so you can tap into your true potential. Ada Porat is a certified behavioral kinesiologist and life
coach who has helped thousands of clients get unstuck and move forward with
confidence. She takes a comprehensive body/mind/spirit approach to identify
& release hidden triggers of trauma or self-sabotage so you can live your
best life yet.
Life Balance

Ada brings with her extensive international teaching
and clinical experience as a coach and
clinician. Her experience as a vibrational energy healer
makes her approach to coaching holistic in
nature. She has also
studied extensively with Dr. David R. Hawkins, the psychiatrist who developed a
comprehensive map to explain how human consciousness evolves. These areas of enrichment offer enhanced coaching tools to balance body, mind and spirit.


has an M.A. in individual & organizational development. She is also internationally certified in Behavioral Kinesiology & Touch For
Health; as a certified Life Balance Coach; and as a
certified Vibrational Healer/Instructor.

Gift Certificates available.

Contact Ada directly to inquire or to schedule an appointment at 602-283-4628 between 9 AM and 6 PM MST Monday thru Friday.

Deborah Thum
 Licensed Esthetician * Holistic Skin Care

Deborah Thum

Deborah Thum
blends the ancient Asian wisdom of the East with state of the Art
technology of the West for long lasting Wellness and Beauty. She uses
the best products and services to help you achieve natural wellness and
balance from which your beauty springs. As your wellness improves, you
maximize your radiance and your beauty. Deborah knows that you care
about your health and want the right procedures and the best in
personalized service.

Deborah offers a variety of treatments including aromatherapy, holistic facials and Micro Current ELR

Your face tells a story and is a reflection of all that is going on within your body. What does yours say about you? Find out more here.

Gift Certificates available.

Contact Deborah directly to inquire or to schedule an appointment at 480-748-8602